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Sutter Buttes Day!

Sutter Buttes Day started over 40 years ago and we continue this annual tradition thanks to the amazing volunteers that step up to put it on each year.  

Sutter Buttes Day celebrates the opening of our community pool in addition to bringing our community together.  It includes a parade in the morning, vendor booths in the park and cardboard boat races!  If you'd like to be a part of this great annual tradition, come to the SYO board meeting at 7pm each third Tuesday of the month located at Ellwood Munger Hall, corner of Butte House & Acacia and get involved in this wonderful organization.  Be the change you wish to see in our wonderful community and get involved! Many volunteer opportunities are available.

Be in our Parade!

Promote your group and be in our annual parade.  Fill out the parade entry form and send it in via email.  

People Playing Drums

Cardboard Boat Races-Sutter Buttes Day 2024! Join the fun and be in our annual Cardboard Boat Race! Follow this link to download the entry form, or by visiting the Morehead Family Community Pool Facebook page.


Sutter Buttes Day Vendor/Booth Info

Sutter Buttes Day brings the community together each year to celebrate our great community of Sutter and the opening of the Morehead Family Community Pool!  Join the fun and have a booth.  Fill out the Booth Application and send it in!

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